Kare Youth League

Kare Youth League was founded to encourage children to
build character by making positive personal decisions during childhood through team activities and spiritual training. The Kare Youth League motto is “Their Future is Now” and children in the program are taught to “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.”

The Kare program centers on a trained Leader who works
with children in various activities including team sports, club meetings, outings, camps and trips. Through these group or team activities, a Leader attempts to create a spirit of positive peer pressure that encourages members to make unselfish decisions to help their teams and others.

Kare Youth League Leaders come from a diverse background of personal faiths, but all take a personal charge to follow the teachings of the Bible and to live and demonstrate Judeo-Christian principles at all times. Kare Youth League is not connected with any specific church denomination.

Kare is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization and is supported mostly by current and former members and does not receive any governmental funding.

Why The Name “Kare”?
The name Kare Youth League was chosen to emphasize the purpose of the organization which is to “care” about what is best for children, rather than just teaching a sport or winning a game. Our goal is to teach children to “care” about others and about God as well as to “care” about the future. Kare will occasionally alter the equipment, field size or rules of the game to make them better for the children who are playing. Kare begins its name with the letter “K” to make it unique, as it believes every child is indeed unique.

Each child joins a club (a group of children his or her own age) which has year round activities. Boys enjoy football, basketball, baseball and soccer, while the girls’ program includes activities such as volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, drill team, cheerleading, and crafts. All groups have team outings. Kare Youth League also offers many special activities including an annual Track Meet in August and summer and winter camps at Kare’s beautiful, privately owned camping facility in the Angeles National Forest. At the Arcadia facility, there is also a summer day camp for younger members called Club Kare which includes Kaleidoscope classes offering “direct involvement” educational opportunities. Older children may also participate in special trips touring the United States which range from 2 to 8 weeks in length.

During the school year a typical week for a Kare Youth League member includes up to three afternoon activities and a game on Saturday. During the basketball and baseball
seasons there may also be weekday games. In the summer all activities are in the late afternoons and evenings and there are no Saturday games. Game times are spread throughout the day to accommodate each of the many teams.
The schedule for each week will appear in the weekly “Interleaguer.” Teams will generally have one or two standard game periods, but there are some times that other scheduling concerns will necessitate an unusual game time in a particular week.

Outings, Camps and Summer Trips:
Teams at Kare Youth League are encouraged to have outings
during the year. These may include holiday parties, pizza or hamburger feeds with outdoor games, trips to a ball game,hikes, skating, etc. These will be announced in advance and all members are encouraged to attend. Kare Youth League also offers summer and winter camps at our Mount Kare facilities in the Angeles National Forest near Wrightwood. For more info on the camping facility visit www.mountkare.org.

Another highlight of our program for older members is a tradition of yearly summer trips ranging from two to eight weeks. Itineraries for shorter trips may include Northern California while longer trips may travel to Washington, D.C. and Florida, for example.